Vibe Quest represents the never ending search for high vibrations around the world, provoked by our common love for rhythm and dance. On this full length LP, the Sol Selectas label creator Sabo expands their horizon even further, enlisting talented artists from all over the planet to remix his debut solo album "Vibe Quest". 
For this collection of remixes, Sabo gathered several members of the Sol Selectas family, Acid Pauli, KMLN, Timboletti, Nadastrom, and Zakir, alongside new talents such as Mexico City's Metrika, Germany's Basti Grub, Multi-Culti's Von Party, and Berlin's Noema. From dubby tribal madness, to afro tech, to raw analog grooves, each artist delivers their unique sonic take on Sabo's deep tribal sound. With 12 tracks of unexpected audio surprises, this set of new interpretations will take you through the Vibe Quest portal and into a new dimension.

Design by Helia Jamali