Sol Selectas label head Sabo presents "Vibe Quest Chapter Two" in the series leading up to his full length debut release LP "Vibe Quest",  slated for early 2016. The two mid-tempo originals have been tried and tested at festivals and clubs for months now, rocking dance floors at Lightening in a Bottle, Shambhala, Desert Hearts, and most recently Burning Man. The track "Afro Fuego" is a percussive work out with African chants, deep bass, and long ethereal pads clocking in at 112bpm, but with an energy to match any main room house tune. "Force 4 Movement" was inspired by the darker tech house sounds that have entered the scene via labels like Life and Death, Keinemusik, and Crosstown Rebels, but with Sabo's added tribal twist. A pitched down spoken word sample explains the relationship between physical and cosmic energy, and how together they cause an uncontrollable movement in the body. With heavy low end sub frequencies and a hypnotic techno groove, the song builds and builds with it's steel drum polyrhythms. Miami's dynamic duo Futro - consisting of legendary Miami house music producer Oscar G, and his youngest protege Lazaro Casanova - takes the tune "Afro Fuego" and transforms it into a tribal house stomper. The remix is layered with tropicalrhythms, chopped up vocals, and drum rolls which build the energy.  It's powerful groove has a genuine understanding of today's modern underground dance floor, with a tasteful nod to the early 90's when MURKrecords ruled the Space terrace in both Ibiza and Miami. Alexi Delano, longtime NYC friend of Sabo, transforms "Force 4 Movement" into an even trippier journey than the original with his deep tech house interpretation. Stripping down the original, with a pulsating analog bass line, and adding more percussion, the remix peaks with a gorgeous guitar solo, before launching back into it's own hypnotizing rhythm.