The Summer Sol compilation brings together a global family of like-minded producers, all striving to move hearts, minds, and bodieswith original music that draws from our ancestral past, and propels us into the future, without limitations or borders. Producers from over 14 different countries bring us 21 original songs, with lyrics from 7 different languages. 

Popular well known artists such as Canson, Dance Spirit, LUM, El Buho, Matanza, Hraach, and Alejandro Mosso,  alongside fresh new artists like Rodrigo Gallardo, Spaniol, Armen Miran, Niju, V i V i D, Florista, and Peter Power, blend naturally with Sol*Selectas artists such as Sabo, KMLN, Goldcap, and SAAND. 

The track list is a journey itself, going from South American mid tempo, to Shamanic downtempo, to Middle Eastern deep house, to Latin tribal house, to Playa tech, to Ambient cumbia dub. 

Each song represents the multicultural influences of the artists, and shows the diversity of the Sol Selectas sound.  

The artwork by Helia Jamali visualizes the themes of summer and sunshine together perfectly.  This compilation will be released on the 1st day of the Summer Solstice - June 21st. 2016. 

We hope these songs bring you joy and happiness, invoking feelings of positivity on the dance floor, a sunset on the beach, or even an early morning sunrise in the desert.