Sol Selectas welcomes Djuma Soundsystem from Copenhagen with two original tracks in collaboration with Westerby, also from Copenhagen, and Nick West, aka Western, from Sydney, Australia. These tracks are inspired by a recent trip to the African safari, while having some time off on a South African Tour. “I saw savannah's, deserts and jungles with great waterfalls. I stayed in places where I would wake up with wilder beats and zebras just outside on my doorstep. I had baking sunny days and powerful thunder storms at night.” 

 “Saguaro” is an enchanting journey with sounds of birds filling the misty air, while a synth melody creeps through the sonic jungle. We hear the chants of an ancient tribe and their tribal drums take us further on a dance odyssey, with many audio turns in the unknown trail. 

For the remix of “Saguaro” we have Sobek from Hungary,  who has been making serious waves in the afro house scene lately. His remix makes the original more club focused, adding djembe drum fills,  elaborating more on the synth line, adding dramatic strings, and creating a huge progression and buildup with a very impactful breakdown. 

The 2nd track “Kawahagi” made in collaboration with Westerby, has a triple time drum pattern, deep moving bass, and more African chants. The djembe percussion and ethereal pads  summon the rain clouds on the horizon, and we find ourselves in a dark thunderstorm. The tension builds as the thunder strikes,  but eventually the rain passes and we are brought back into the sunlight in celebration, with epic lead bass, tribal percussion, and shouts of joy.  

Sol Selectas recent UK signee Kincaid delivers the 1st interpretation of “Kawahagi”, adding his signature psychedelic touch. With a disco infused baseline, distorted drums and reverb effects, he delivers a smooth acid package with a tasteful touch of 80s drum programming. 

And finally we welcome Fake Mood from Russia to the label, with their remix of “Kawahagi”.  Their driving afro house take  expands the original into a peak time tribal animal, with more percussion,  beautiful progressions,  and a very catchy kalimba rhythm. 

The artwork by Helia Jamali takes us to the African cosmos, where the zebras are roaming through the night sky. 

Release date October 15, 2018.