Inspired by their world travels, and a desire to bring back a piece of every musical culture they encounter, KMLN 's 2nd release on Sol*Selectas, the "Sabilu EP" is 2 original tracks written and recorded in Indonesia, and Mexico.  "Sabilu" features the vocals of Javanese jazz singer Mian Meuthia, now living in Bali, and original field recordings of jewelry, sticks, shakers, and traditional Gamelon music. The Indonesian lyrics speak about the love that exists in all humans, and that even though we all strive to be different, we are one in the same. "Gitamato" is a reinterpretation of the roots of Flamenco music, historically imported by the Spanish into Mexico. The spirit of gypsy wanderers is still alive and strong felt in Mexico, particularly in the town of Tulum - where a genuine sense of ancient magic can literally be felt in the air. In this song KMLN has recorded live the guitars, claps, shakers, synths, snares, and bell sounds. For the remix of "Sabilu", we have enlisted the stellar work of Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder from Berlin, whose residencies at Bar 25, and now Katerblau, have made them underground legends. Their remix strips back the original, taking us on a slower even deeper hypnotic journey - while retaining the original message of human love and respect for all, within the lyrics. The final remix of "Sabilu" comes from new producer Schon Long, whose entry into our Shambhala Music Festival /  Sol Selectas remix competition earlier this summer, was the stand out winner. Creatively playing on the pitch of the vocals, and adding the grooviest bass line we've heard in a long time, his remix submission was hands down the victor out of over 50 entries. 

The artwork by Helia Jamali captures the feminine energy and message of oneness in "Sabilu", represented here by the deep red orange Indonesian flower with goddesses dancing around its essence.