We welcome Amentia to our Sol Selectas tribe, with their exotic new EP "Miracle D'Hwange". Three original tracks inspired by Zimbabwe, and built around the traditional mbira instrument, these songs take us on a journey down the beautiful Zambezi River that stretches across this African land. We begin our adventure with "Victoria", easing us into the jungles, soothing our mind with the fresh water from the largest waterfall on the planet. "Antilope" takes it name from the wild animals galloping along the banks of the river, the percussion representing their playful ways, as we navigate down river. Lastly we end with "Miracle D’Hwange" a deep moving song with vocals to purify your soul in Hwange, a special place of tranquility and home to a large variety of animals on Earth.  Canson remixes "Victoria" into a feel good down beat groove, which oozes rays of sunshine while moving your hips. And finally, our dear friend Armen Miran, gives us a deep and dubby version of "Miracle D'Hwange" that shakes the jungle spirits. The Artwork by Helia Jamali brings us into the visual safari to the dreamland of Zimbabwe. 


Release date September 22, 2017