Save The Children  

Sol Selectas is very excited to welcome back Zakir from Moscow, with 2 original songs titled  “Save The Children’” and “Naa Zambara”. Despite living thousands of miles aways, Zakir's music brings us directly to Africa, and he cites his love for the rich culture, and various percussive rhythms, as a major influence in these two productions.  
The title track “Save The Children’” is pure Afro-house with heavy tribal drums, powerful chord stabs, and a solid dance floor groove. The exciting tension that builds and builds until the break down, is released when the children playfully sing along, and the vibrant energy awakens our spirit.  
"Naa Zambara" takes us even deeper, with a dirty broken beat, surrounded by lush warm bass, and an emotional vocal from the people of Gbaya, from the west of the Central African Republic. The chants and bird noises in the background take us to the core of the jungle, while the soothing bass  guides our path.   

David Mayer of Germany joins Sol Selectas for the first time, and delivers a stellar remix of “Save The Children”. He maintains an Afro-house groove adding even more percussion, and taking us to another planet, with a long arpeggio breakdown that is equally psychedelic and enchanting.  

For the second remix, Sol Selectas welcomes Portuguese artist Switchdance, with his incredible interpretation of "Naa Zambara". He creates his own new rhythm by chopping up the African chants, adding emotional flutes, and classic 303 synth lines. The wild acid ride takes us to the other side and back again.  

The artwork by Helia Jamali visualizes the sounds of “Save The Children” and it pays tribute to one of our recent lost children - the African Rhino - which is now sadly extinct. The art is a message for all of us to be mindful and caring of every living creature on this planet.  


Release date May 21, 2018