Sol Selectas final release of 2017 is a hypnotizing single from one of our favorites Be Svendsen out of Copenhagen. The 10 minute long journey called "Getula" twists and turns through beautiful instrumentation with cosmic arpeggios, soothing pads, tribal percussion, and gritty electric guitar. In the words of Be Svendsen the "Getula is the desert pirate, deceiving, tantalizing, venomous, and deadly. He retreats and awaits in silence before the hunt, a timeless play of both predator and prey". Sol Selectas family members KMLN add their signature psychedelic sound to their remix, and create a gorgeous voyage of minimal percussion, warm analog delays, and introspective moments of emotion. Helia Jamali's art is a mystical depiction of the Getula serpent, weaving its way around the lost desert, surrounding our minds and bodies with the musical energy.


Mastered by Audio Animals
Artwork by @helianthus.creative

Release date December 25th, 2018