Journey Through My Past

Sol Selectas is pleased to welcome back Mexico’s Metrika for his first solo EP. “Journey Through My Past” tells us the musical story of the artist,  capturing all of his knowledge and experience into the creation of these 3 original songs. 

“Yo Naci” is a powerful tune inspired by an out of body experience, an intense aya journey where  Metrika saw his entire life flash before him,  and his self “died”, only to be completely reborn with a fresh start on life. The vocals are taken from a traditional Icaros ceremony. 

“Oda a un Bata” is a tribute to the Cuban drum or “bata”, which Metrika purchased a very long time ago while traveling to Cuba with his parents. It was on this trip to the island, where he became entranced by the “tamborileros” of Cuba, and started experimenting heavily with percussion. The recordings of traditional “toques de bata”, are by a Cuban percussionist living in Mexico City, who had revolutionized the ancient drumming techniques. 

“Once Upon a Triplet” fuses together 2 of Metrika's loves:  “the synths, textures and sound design from techno music,  and all the different percussion toys of traditional music” This track represents the past and present moments of Metrika as an artist. 

For the remix of “Yo Naci” we invited back our friends Matanza of Chile, who create a beautifully deep and slower rendition of the original. Layering more atmospheric interludes, additional Icaros, and a chunky tribal groove, they transform the original into a deep jungle trip. 

The artwork by Helia Jamali portrays the powerful psychedelic journey, with the mystical serpent going through time and being reborn.