Sol*Selectas next release continues to push sonic boundaries with two original tracks from world renowned DJ/producer duo Nadastrom.  Fresh off their 2015 debut album, which saw them exploring a more refined deep house sound, Dave and Matt delve into cosmic inspirations with their latest release, "Jupiter b/w Chivas". Both tracks are based around strong melodic themes with the same psychedelic synths dancing wildly around their hooks. "Jupiter" takes a stripped back approach relying solely on a kick and cabasa for it's drums, with lush synths guiding the impactful journey, while "Chivas" uses polyrhythmic percussion to drive the record.  Thematically, both songs draw inspiration from cosmic idioms. "Jupiter" literally takes the dance floor to another galaxy arriving on the planet's surface momentarily, only to be launched back into orbit with it's beautifully extended final buildup. Dave says that the vibe of "Chivas" stirred a smokey childhood memory of his elders celebrating Carnaval in the Andean mountains of Ecuador.  Their drink of choice at the time? Scotch whiskey. And they would drink lots of it, dancing and toasting all night to the spirit of San Juanito and other shaman-like native characters.  Sol*Selectas is very excited to bring this music to dance floors across the globe, and we hope these tunes will create the magical moments their inspiration foretells. Early DJ Support across many genres including DJ Craze, Acid Pauli, Yokoo, Anna Lunoe, Munchi, Claude Von Stroke, Curses, Nick Catchdubs, and more.