The Hidden Oasis EP coming from the land of Oz, is the result of a series of collaborations between Uone and Western in Sydney.These two grooving deep tech house jams are inspired by primitive sounds, but maintain a modern feeling with layerings of instrumentation juxtaposed with sizzling synths. By recording real percussion and capturing raw takes of late night analogue jams, the duo capture a unique electronic sound while maintaining an organic vibe. 

Fellow Australian, and co-owner of Multi Culti Records, Dreems, delivers a psychedelic pitched down interpretation of "Tribal Paradise". The infectious bubbling baseline carries the listener on a wild ride thru the dusty bush, fueled by analogue distortion and percussive madness. Jonas Saalbach from Berlin, takes us further into the oasis delivering a beautiful uplifting remix of "Gold Sacks River". Swirling arpeggios and lush pads expand and build over the hand clap beat climaxing into a deep acid groove. The artwork by Helia Jamali draws us a visual map of the music, guiding us to the elusive "Hidden Oasis", a desert destination that can only be discovered after journeying down the "Gold Sacks River" and arriving at the secret "Tribal Paradise".


Artwork by Helia Jamali