Golden Tiger  

Sol Selectas first release of 2018 welcomes Mark Alow from Spain to the family. This paranormal EP will take you to the root of your animal instincts, where the Golden Tiger lives. The voices in particular will evoke your wildest soulful emotions, while the deep tech grooves will cause uncontrollable movement in your body. In Marks own words these songs are "a tool to unite humanity, music that invites meditation, and make us feel free. They also make us aware of our wild essence, and encourage us to live in harmony with nature." Another Spanish friend of Sol Selectas - Uner - transforms “Golden Tiger” into an epic 11 minute psychedelic trip, reminding us of his early days on Visionquest & Cadenza Records. The slow building adventure climaxes with a full string ensemble, surrounding the vocals with a blanket of pure bliss. Mexico's Robbie Akbal remixes “White Tusk” into a sensuous deep house affair, with lush pads and chords, enhancing the dub-wise vibrations and positive mental attitude of the original. The artwork by Helia Jamali portrays your inner Golden Tiger wandering through a celestial land of pyramids.

Mastered by Pobla Spain

Artwork by Helia Jamali

Release Date March 23, 2018