The 50th release on Sol Selectas Records comes from the label founder himself - Sabo, and features the musical talents of a mother & her son, as represented by the title Earth & Sun. Twenty year old Elijah Sage plays the ancient ravanhatta string instrument on the opening track "Young Wisdom", weaving an emotional mid tempo blanket to lie under the Sun.  "Obatala" is the story of the Sky Father Orisha, who creates all human bodies according to Yoruban mythology. The deep tribal groove is complemented by the vocals of Elijah's mother Nikila Badua, representing the roots of the Earth.  

Nicola Cruz from Ecuador, delivers a stellar remix of "Obatala"  taking us high into the Andes Mountains, where organic percussion and live marimbas flow like wind through the valleys. Blond:ish transforms "Young Wisdom" into a psychedelic tech house trip, adding infectious build ups and mind-alteringdrums for peak time energy. And lastly Paris' Birds of Mind take us on a voyage into deep bliss with their ethereal reinterpretation of "Young Wisdom".  
The artwork by Helia Jamali, represents the loving balance between the Earth & Sun, and the energy they have created, makes the puppy flower dance in the desert wind. 

Mastered by Audio Animals UK
Artwork by Helia Jamali