La Maison

Sol Selectas is proud to present the “La Maison” ep from our good friend from Canada, DJ &  producer, Gab Rhome. These 2 original tracks blur the lines between deep, funky, and afro house styles, with crisp percussion, groovy bass lines, exotic strings arrangements, and playful vocals.

La Maison means “home” in French, and with Gab’s extensive travels around the World DJing, he found it “increasingly difficult to call anywhere home”. But on a recent holiday trip to his parents in rural Canada, among the lush woods, he felt back to his roots. The cheerful cries from children in the song “La Maison”, echo that happy sentiment that Gab felt returning to his foundation in the forest. 

“Hidden” refers to the song elements contained within the track itself, a proper composition with verse, chorus, and bridge all included. The catchy guitar riff and vocal countdowns are from Gab himself, along side his girlfriend, just having fun in the studio. This demonstrates how both songs have seeds planted in sharing special moments with those closest to you -  friends, family, and lovers. 

Whitesquare from Italy, joins Sol Selectas for his stripped back percussive remix of “La Maison”. The distinct Afro groove and signature minimal percussion he’s become known for, drive the track forward, but its the epic breakdown that keeps us marching on the dance trail. 

MadMotormiquel from Berlin also premieres here on Sol Selectas, with a psychedelic re-interpretation of “Hidden”. Adding a powerful hypnotic bass, dramatic pads, and chopping up Gab’s guitar riff, he creates a heady late night dance floor trip.  

The artwork by Helia Jamali takes us on a dreamscape to the northern green forests, where the Canadian hawk is leading us back to our “Maison”.