Vibe Quest is the debut solo album from long-time DJ and producer Sabo. More than three years in the making, the record represents the artist's own personal journey, navigating the egos and politics of the music business while searching for positive vibes, open-minded audiences, and musical experiences that transcend a typical night out.

 Vibe Quest is post-moombahton, a deeper, spiritual version of the genre that first put Sabo on the map as an established producer. A big part of the album's genesis can be traced back to 2013, when Sabo's DJ set on the Robot Heart bus at Burning Man introduced his unique vision to a whole new audience. "My deep, slow tribal sound was finally understood by a whole community of open minded people," he says. "That was really the beginning of the Vibe Quest. From there, I knew I wanted to make a whole album expressing my different influences."

And the influences are many—Vibe Quest is a bouillabaisse of cultures, samples, and sonics simmering together for a 12-course meal of body-moving entrees.  

"My intention with this record is to manifest moments of positive feelings on the dancefloor," says Sabo. "I want to continue traveling the world, instilling these positive feelings within people and creating something meaningful by unifying cultures and communities." 

The cover artwork  is designed by Helia Jamali to symbolize a portal into the sounds of Vibe Quest . The image of the centered sun creates a hypnotic entrance into the music.  Let the Vibe Quest begin.