Some times the music just magically comes out, and that is the case here with "Syria" by new Sol*Selectas artist Unders from Amsterdam. After several successful tunes above the 120 BPM mark on labels like Sincopat and Groove On, "Syria" was Unders' first attempt at slower grooves, and an accidental experiment that just "fell into place, and was automatic magic". Syria's current political unrest is all over the news and social media, and the story being painted is difficult to watch. Driven to create a song which goes against all the negative publicity, Unders says "between all the negativity, the more i looked into the situation, the country, its people and its culture, the more this track reminded me of so much beauty the media doesn’t portray." The song itself a slow minimal trip with chopped up guitar licks, a gorgeous flute sample that takes the listener to far off desert lands, and features the vocals of Veerle.  Satori is yet another up and coming producer from the Netherlands, gaining instant recognition sharing the stage and studio with Acid Pauli, and producing incredible tunes utilizing live instruments played by himself, and tastefully incorporating these with electronic elements. His remix preserves the original message of "Syria" lowering the BPM to an even more hypnotic 104 BPMs. Satori adds middle eastern strings and chords, swapping out the original vocal for a more Saharan inspired call, and even plays delicately with some acid sounds furthering the listeners journey.  

Both songs are meant to invoke peaceful images of Syria, and conjure up positive intention on the dance floor. Sol*Selectas is very excited to present the debut song "Syria" from Unders, and the amazing remix by Satori,  two artists from the Netherlands you would do well to keep your eyes and ears open to in 2016.