Marlow's Trail  

Sol Selectas is very proud to welcome Kincaid for his first solo EP titled Marlow’s Trail. The young producer from London gives us 3 unique original tracks, each one taking us on an immersive journey. The songs have a powerful African tribal feel, continuously progressing grooves, and a psychedelic destination. “Marlow’s Trail” the opening track, as well as the title of the EP itself, are loosely based on concepts from the classic novel Heart of Darkness. The main character Marlow travels deep up the Congo river in search of a mysterious man, with every turn becoming more and more surreal. “TFLLFT” refers to the transport for London, or the Tube, and is a personal tale about the artist himself losing his identity, then finding it again, all while riding this magical train. And finally “Rattle” refers to a serpent in the jungle along this wild path, with the metallic percussions creating the backbone for the song, and its trippy arpeggios leading us out of the darkness. 

The artwork by Helia Jamali visualizes the music, taking us along for the bizarre ride through the safari, encountering wild animals, mystical nature, and finally the snake itself. 

Mastered by Audio Animals UK

Artwork by Helia Jamali


Release date April 30, 2018