Analogue Odyssey

Sol Selectas welcomes Dj duo and brothers Thankyou City from Melbourne, Australia with their remarkable release “Analogue Odyssey”. Utilizing analogue gear and dusty vinyl samples, the duo processed many of the recordings through an old Revox A77 Tape machine, creating a warm pure sound. The title track is a slow drifter, building and building as we travel further into the depths of the unknown. Subtle guitar riffs swirl around a deep groove, and vocal whispers enter from all sides while the crunchy analog synths playfully guide the journey. “Resend” takes us on a galactic ride through space, and lands us back onto planet earth, the final mission to arrive back at our roots. “There is a sense of hope and positivity we feel injected into this story, as if you've been on an odyssey for what feels like a lifetime. And now you're coming home, back to the world you know, and you're in the final moments of reentry before you break on through to the world you love.“

For the remix of “Analogue Odyssey” we welcome another dynamic duo, Audiofly, who join the label for the first time. As pioneers in the underground music scene for over a decade, they knew exactly how to transform the track into their own transmission, while maintaining the deep hypnotic groove. A mysterious vocal sample explains perfectly the ideas of space, time, and music, while lush keys float over the top of an infectious bass line, and a powerful analogue synth orbits the rhythmic elements of the songs’ climax.

For the remix of “Resend” we invited long time friend and Los Angeles local Jon Charnis. He created a beautiful psychedelic trip with his pitched down interpretation. Intricate percussion programming through out, and expanding melodic elements carry us all the way back to our home planet.

The artwork by Helia Jamali gives us a glimpse to the golden treasures of Analogue Odyssey