Nothing to Guide  

Sol Selectas welcomes back Zurich’s Canson to the label, with his Nothing To Guide EP, featuring a remix from Ninze. Canson’s music creates a field of romance in the listeners mind. Nothing to Guide Ep refers to when we seek out an imaginary place, but often have no map leading our way. That's when the music steps in, and becomes our compass, guiding us to the destination. Canson has a unique ability to transform traditional sounds and make them his own, drawing inspiration from many different cultures, and joining them in a harmonious, soothing way. “Humming Dunes” brings us sounds from the deserts of Persia all the way to to mountains in Machu Picchu, Peru, while “Kolumbus” takes us on a sonic trip from the rain forests of India, to the sunny coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. Gemany’s Ninze makes his debut on Sol Selectas, with his signature down beat style, transforming “Kolumbus” into a hypnotic adventure, with swirling arpeggios and deep pads over organic percussion. The cover art by Helia Jamali portrays the mystical romantic journey of our minds. 

Mastered by Audio Animals UK
Artwork by Helia Jamali

Release date is March 26th