Sol Selectas is excited to welcome Kora to the label with his debut 2 track release the "Caddo EP". The title Caddo is inspired by the confederacy of several Southeastern Native American tribes, and the music brings us to a late night ceremony. All the members of the tribe are united and chant together, and thru the native drums we feel the strength of their gathering. Wahiba - co-produced by Nic Falardeau, is the story of a lone nomad wandering the desert, confronting his fears, and overcoming them with his inner spirit.  The faith in his heart guides him along his path. Powel is well known for his soothing deep productions, and appears here on Sol Selectas for his second remix. He brings the Wahiba pilgrimage to even further regions of the sand dunes, blissfully carrying us into the morning sunrise with his unique and patient approach to rhythm. The artwork by Helia Jamali fuses these two spiritual journeys together into one, visualizing the native's eternal quest under a dim moonlit sky, warmed by the fires of  tribal unity.  

Mastered by Audio Animals
Artwork by Helia Jamali
Release date April 10th, exclusive Beatport / April 24th all stores