The "Alhambra EP"  is the first ep release from the union of Christopher Tooker with Shawna Hofmann. Reflecting their mutual love for culture, real musicianship, syncopated beats, organic instruments and modern electronic richness. The music paints a picture of their love for travel, and the excitement of physically diving into a different countries' culture. The lead track Alhambra has a distinct flavor of adventure and sensual mystery. Its a story that builds and brings you through different worlds, from a Russian spy movie to a spaghetti western. The song continually evolves from beginning to end leaving no room for repetition, only vast exploration, featuring guitars by David Satori from Beats Antique, and Evan Fraser from Stellamara, under their band name Dirtwire, as well as live recordings by Christopher Tooker of KMLN playing guitars, percussion, beer bottles, live snare and bells. "Walam" was inspired by a KMLN trip to Bali, traveling between several Indonesian islands aboard an authentic wooden Bugi pirate ship, guided by Islamic prayers coming out ofthe many little mosques along their path. It's a heartfelt  journey into the dramatic and sultry side of the Middle East influence within that region. Produced, mixed and recorded in Bali, Indonesia, the smooth dub sounds are complimented by intricate live percussion by Christopher Tooker.  Nico Stojan,  a world renown DJ and producer from Berlin's infamous underground Bar 25 and Katerholzig clubs, graces the EP with 2 stellar remixes of the title track "Alhambra". The first "Dreams of Japan Remix" is a deep silky take on the original with additional percussion and layers of sonic field recordings from Japan. To finalize the EP,  Nico's "122 Rework" is a hypnotic dance floor adventure with constantly evolving chords, and a thick tribal groove, while maintaining the organic undertone musical elements of the original.